AUREUM COUPAGE extra virgin olive oil


OliSoldebre Aureum Coupage extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), with PDO, is obtained from the best of our centenarian olives groves.

Aureum Coupage  extra virgin olive oil is a delicious olive juice that has been made by mixing three local varieties: morruda, sevillenca and farg.


Production process

We have a full-time care and a strict control during the Aureum Coupage extra virgin olive oil production process: from the olive-growing and the collection of it to its arrival and the elaboration process of the olive oil. Thus, we get a final product with excellent organoleptic conditions.

The olives are picked directly from the tree or harvested mechanically just at the right moment of ripening. Thereby, the resulting oil is not affected and maintains all its antioxidants and vitamins.

Varietal composition

Morruda, sevillenca and farg.

Tasting notes and its uses:

It has a sweet flavour due to the apple, green almond and the bitter and spicy touches of the banana. It has an aromatic scent, fruity and slightly sweet due to the sevillenca variety.

It is recommended for eating uncooked. It enhances the natural flavours of food. It is highly recommended to be used with fish and white meats.

Optimum storage conditions

Keep in a cool dark place at a constant temperature around 13-17º and protected from vibrations.
Consume preferably before 12 months.

Acidity degree


DO Recognition


2 and 5-litre PET container.
250, 500 and 750 ml glass container.